Remote Audio

At Sound Station our software tools and the audio codec equipment has little chance to rest! Many producers and clients, wherever they are, can connect with Sound Station and with the talents in our studios can run a remote session, in real time and with digital quality as if they were physically present. We can record the sound being captured in studios anywhere in the world with digital quality in our studio and in real time, and the other way round too. In practise, this is about sharing recording sessions between various studios even when separated by a great distance.

Plugin and Web Browser Software

Source Connect Pro, Source Connect Now, SessionLink Pro, Microsoft Teams… all and more available tools to provide the connection in real time.

 ISDN and IP

Sound Station is equipped with ISDN/Audio Codec Centauri II 3000

With our equipment and an ISDN connection it is possible, for example, to include musicians and voices in different studios, wherever they may be, in a single recording session here at Sound Station.

We have also participated in interviews with several personalities for radio and television stations in other countries.

 ISDN lines:




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